Caren Keyser



Phone or text:  321-693-6224

Artist Biography

Caren Keyser generally draws her work from the paint itself, working intuitively from her imagination. The colors in her acrylic paintings are rich and vibrant. They flow across the canvas or paper creating an excitement in the abstract lines and brushwork that embody her style. Within that field of color Ms. Keyser discovers her subject. Much like a sculptor she reveals the figure bit by bit until all the components of the work settle into place for the finished piece, and when that artwork tells a story or expresses and emotion it is perfection.


Meanwhile she experiments with new materials and methods always honing her skills for her dominant style. Collage, photography, sketching and drawing from the model are other techniques Caren enjoys. She often paints on canvas, but works more often on paper or Yupo, a glossy synthetic paper with a smooth plastic surface that she enhances with a final glossy coating.


Her career began in the 1970’s after studying art at Florida Atlantic University. Her style then was very realistic yet always modern. She has moved from painting nature to painting figurative works, and has moved from painting very large to painting smaller more expressionistic pieces.

2010 - present
2010 - present